Novice Arts & Science

Novice Open Competition

There is an open competition for the top Novice artisan in the kingdom.  If you have been practicing your craft for less than 1 year, you are invited to enter. Prizes will be offered for the top novice entries.

Bayeux Tapestry Scribal Competition

Please join us at Storvik Novice as the Clerk Signet and the Scrivener Royal co-host a scroll blank competition based on the Bayeux Tapestry! The rules are simple: create a scroll blank that will be donated to the Kingdom for use by either Signet or the Scrivener Royal. These will be used to create Court award scrolls, so you can be as fancy as you would like. Base your scroll on one or many of the elements of the Bayeux Tapestry. Be adventurous and creative; there are many images to work with on the 70 metre-long textile. Documentation is not necessary, but it helps to see the images that were your inspiration (keep in mind that the Reading Museum tapestry is a Victorian-era copy), and if there is a story that goes with your project we would love to know it. We will have prizes for Top Novice and Top Experienced Scribe. As with all of the Scrivener Royal Challenge entries each will be rewarded with a fresh piece of Pergamenata. If you have any questions please contact signet(at) or theadenes(at)