Storvik Novice and Unbelt Tournament 2017

June 3rd, 2017


Knights of Columbus Council Grove Facility 9450 Cherry Hill Road College Park, MD 20740 Site Notes:
  • This is a dry site. No alcohol unless you purchase it from the onsite vendor.
  • No pets


Adults Children
Members Non-members Age 5-17 4 & under
Prereg $10 $15 $5 Free
Gate $12 $17 $5 Free
For preregistrations, please make checks out to "SCA-MD, Inc., Barony of Storvik" and send them to   Rebecca Green, 1700 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Suite 600, Washington DC, 20006   For Field Space reservations, please email Wulfric ( rubin.david.e [at] ) with "Storvik Novice" in the subject line.

Martial Combat:

The Marshal in Charge for the event is Sir Joselin D'Outremer (joselindoutremer [at]

Armoured Combat:

Novice Tournament: all fighters who are less than 1 years from their first rattan combat authorization Unbelt Tournament: All unbelted fighters are encouraged to enter and fight in this event.


RMIC: Lord Ffernfel ( jldeano [at] ) Novice Tourney: All fighters who are less than two years from their first rapier combat authorization. This will be a round robin tournament, with three matches per round. Blacksword Tournament: Will be held alongside the Novice Tournament Bear Pyramid Tournament:  This will be a Bear Pit style tournament. Three consecutive wins and the pit resets, with wounds retaining. Only novices and scholars may score poinst for the first thirty minutes. Free scholars may score for the next fifteen minutes. Provosts may score for the next ten minutes, and finally Masters of Defense may score for the next five minutes. The tournament will end 15 minutes afterwards. Svolder Longship Melee Battle:  Teams will alternate offense and defense in timed battles to fight for control of the flagship the Long Serpent


Archery MIC: Lady Tala ( talaalzahra [at] ) Adventure awaits -- it is time to explore the world and increase our wealth!!  With Atlantian archers on board, we will begin each conquest from the decks of our drekkars, and arrows will darken the sky to annouce our arrival to foreign nations. Join us on a grand adventure to: - teach the English they can never again "turn their back on the sea" (Lindisfarne, 793) - sail up the River Seine alongside Ragnar Lodbrok (Paris, 845) - terrorize Rome, or so we think,,,, (Luni, 860) - kidnap King Garcia I, and demand 680lbs. of gold in ransom (Pamplona, 861) - help Rurik conquer Lagoda, then navigate uncharted rivers toward Kiev (Lagoda, 862) You need neither bow nor experience to participate, for we have supplies to share and teachers to assist you.... are you brave enough to join us?

Youth Armoured Combat:

Youth Armoured MIC: Sir Jonathas Reinisch ( Jonathas [at] ) The youth fighting will begin with a formal practice, followed by authorizations, a tournament, and melees.

Arts & Sciences and Classes:

Please see the respective pages for CLASSES and ARTS AND SCIENCES

Schedule of Activities

8AM- Site and Troll Open
9AM- MOL Opens
9:30AM- Armoured and Rapier Authorizations Begin
10AM- Dropoff for A&S Display and Competitions
10:30AM- Classes, Armoured, Rapier, Archery and Youth Competitions Begin
12PM to 2PM- ST Annes Guild of Clothiers Display
4PM- All Classes and Competitions will cease
4:30PM Court
7PM- Site Closes