Battle on the Bay 2016: Rapier Combat



30-45 minutes, depending on court duration. Looking to get started for the day?  We're starting with Bearpit, viking style.  The lists will be limited in size.  Stepping outside the list will be counted as death.  Blades must be less than 40" in length, no two handed weapons.  C&T preferred.  Bucklers are the only allowed offhand but not required to compete.  


Two competing steadings are trying to bolster their own resources by raiding and absconding with various resources from a neighboring shire.  All fighters will assemble, and divided into two teams each supporting a steading using a balanced team selection method.  The team best suited for the coming winter will win the day. All melees are unlimited resurrections, no weapons restrictions, standard Atlantian conventions apply. "Steal the Mead" Run until collection finished Each team will vie for control of the shire's limited but tasty meade supply.  By taking meade from the shire's central resources, each team must attempt to fill their stationary bucket.  The meade can only be transported via mugs provided by the marshals.  If you're killed while transporting meade, you must immediately pour out your mug on the ground.  Mead may be stolen from the opposing team.  Victory will be awarded to the team that first fills their bucket.

"Gathering the Sheep"

Timed melee While each steading was busy trying to steal mead, their sheep wandered off.  Each team will try to gather as many sheep as they can in their corral.  Sheep will be added to the field periodically by the marshals.  At numerous random intervals, the sheep in each team's corral will be counted and added to the team's score.  The team with the highest score at the end of the melee will be the victor.  Sheep may be stolen from the other team's corral.

"Pilfering the grain"

Timed melee The steadings have been busy harvesting grain, but not enough to last all winter.  Each team will try to steal the other team's grains, and bring it back to their resurrection point.  A team's grain will be stored in a heavy pot that requires two people to carry it.  Upon any successful taking of grain, a hold will be called and the field will be reset.  The team with the most successful captures of grains will be the victor.


The team with the most number of victories will be awarded a prize to be shared amongst the team.