Battle on the Bay 2016: Armoured Combat

All Scenarios feature combat Archery.  The Bridge Scenarios feature Siege Combat.

Scenario 1: Capture the Flag Road Battle

This scenario features a road through a town with opposing forks in the road.  Each side will start at their teams flag.  The objective is to proceed down the road and capture the opposing teams flag and return it to your team's flag zone.  The first team to have both flags in their flag zone wins the point. Unlimited resurrections for the first 5 minutes then each team will be limited to one resurrection. Resurrecting fighters must join the road through their resurrection zone. This will be fought 3 times for 1 point each, with a maximum of 3 points awarded to the winning team. Road Battle

Scenario 2: Control the Holy Relics

In this scenario, each side will start with 2 holy relics, 1 6 ft Axe and 1 Bastard Sword.  The objective is to control all 4 holy relics at the same time.  Whomever is actively touching a holy relic is immune to archery fire while they are touching it.  You must be authorized in Great Sword to wield the sword as a weapon.  You must be authorized in pole arm to wield the pole arm as a weapon while carrying it.  This scenario will have unlimited resurrections.  (2 points)

Scenario 3: 50 Rez Bridge Battle

This is a traditional bridge battle with the difference being the total number of resurrections will be limited instead of each person having a limited number.  You must wait to be acknowledged by the Marshal before returning to the field. (2 points)