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Novice Tournament Schedule

Novice Tournament is a weekend event running from Friday, June 28 ‐ Sunday, June 30. Friday 4:00 PM Site Opens 6:00 PM Troll Opens 9:00 PM Troll Closes Saturday 8:00 AM Troll Opens 9:00 AM A&S Tent Opens 9:00 AM MoL Opens 10:00 AM Rapier Authorizations 10:00 AM Armoured Authorizaions 10:00 AM Bow Inspections /… Read more »

Novice Tournament A&S

The following announcement did not make it into the print Acorn. There will be three A&S activities occurring. For novices only (defined as anyone practicing this particular art or science for less than one year), there will be an open A&S competition. There will be EZ-Doc forms at the event, so that judges know what… Read more »

Performers’ Revel

Continuing a tradition whose origin is lost in the mists of time … on Saturday, November 9th 2013, the ancient and venerable Performers’ Revel will take place in the vasty halls of Caer Bear. This is an event OF performers FOR performers BY performers! The call goes out to all musicians, singers, poets, dancers, actors,… Read more »

Novice Tournament: Volunteers needed!

It is that time of year again! We need people to step up and take on management duties at Storvik Novice. We would like to have people step up that have not necessarily run an aspect of an event before and be mentored by someone who has, but we arent going to force that to happen. The… Read more »