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Storvik Novice 2018 prep

Kunigunde submitted Storvik Novice & Unbelt Tournament 2018 into Kingdom SPIKE system and added event page to Storvik website.

Storvik Song and Dance

November 12, 2016 College Park, MD Are your augurs or astrologers predicting something dire in early November?  Come and dance away your cares at Storvik’s second Song and Dance.  We will alternate blocks of performance with sessions of dance instruction, ending the day with a Grand Ball and a bardic circle. Song: Master Ruaidhri an… Read more »

Storvik Novice and Baronial Investiture

The Barony of Storvik invites all good gentles to the Storvik Novice Tournament. Enjoy the pageantry and celebration as Storvik says our thanks to our departing Baronage; Baron Badouin MacKenzie and Baroness Griele vanden Burgh and welcome our new Baronage. Storvik Baronial Investiture and Novice Tournament 2016  

April 18: Performers’ Revel

Continuing a tradition whose origin is lost in the mists of time … on Saturday, April 18th, 2015, the ancient and venerable Performers’ Revel will take place in the vasty halls of Caer Bear. This is an event OF performers FOR performers BY performers! The call goes out to all musicians, singers, poets, dancers, actors,… Read more »

Song & Dance moved!

Due to a venue issue, the venue for the Song & Dance event has been moved to St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in College Park, MD. The address is: 512 College Avenue College Park, MD 20740

Ridesharing for Holiday Faire

Going to Holiday Faire? Want to go to Holiday Faire but don’t have a ride? Their Excellencies have asked me to find a way to organize carpools that’s a little nicer than everybody emailing everybody else to try to sort out rideshares to events. Here’s a carpool organizing sheet for Holiday Faire, using a service… Read more »