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December 2017 Drekkar

Behold, the Drekkar, with all the holiday cancellations, many cries of Skol! from Crown Tournament, and an account of the SENEA A&S group’s anniversary feast.

September Drekkar

The September Drekkar is now available for download.  Behold the great deeds of Storvik at Pennsic, and discover what’s happening in the barony this month.

Pennsic 2017 Drekkar

The special Pennsic Edition of the Drekkar, with amazing classes taught by Storviki, good and terrible advice, and Lady Alicia’s recommendations for camp noshing! Here it is.

May Drekkar

The May Drekkar is here, with a letter from Their Excellencies, information on upcoming classes, camping with the barony at Ruby Joust, news of Novice Tournament, cheers of Skol! for many, another new Arabic word, and a recipe to make use of all the delicious strawberries now in season. 2017-05-05_Storvik_Drekkar_v38_I05 (Updated with revisions, 9:14pm 5/6/2017)

April Drekkar

The April Drekkar newsletter is now available for download. – Teleri, Chronicler 2017-04-02_Storvik_Drekkar_v38_I04

March Drekkar

Upcoming events, accolades for our populace, Arabic word of the month, and fritters! Download Drekkar here.

February Drekkar

Monday practice cancellations, delicious cookies, Arabic Word of the Month, news and upcoming events!  2017-02-05_Storvik_Drekkar_v38_I02 There are some blank pages. Please excuse them – I’m using some new software and haven’t been able to figure out how to remove them yet. – Teleri