Orders & Awards

What's the difference between an order and an award?
  • A person can only be made a member of a given order once, then they're in for life. Admission to an order is usually based on long-term effort.
  • Awards can be given multiple times and typically for a particular service or action.
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Order of the Lozulet

Membership in this order is granted to those gentles who have demonstrated continued and significant service to the Barony and its people.

Company of the Silver Silkie

Membership in this order is granted to those gentles who have excelled in Storvik's war efforts.

Order of the Owl

Membership in this order is granted to those gentles who have excelled in the arts and sciences in Storvik.

Order of the Faering

Membership in this order is granted to those children who enhance the Barony through their service, arts and sciences, or youth combat.

Order of the Bow of Ullr

Membership in this order is granted by the Baron and/or Baroness to those gentles who have excelled in archery.

Order of the Muddy Drekkar

The Order of the Muddy Drekkar was created by Baroness Elizabeth Harlyn for service above and beyond the call of duty at the coronation of Denise and Robert in Lochmere, April 2005. It rained and rained and rained at that event. Cars needed to be pulled out, pavilions fell down, and everything was covered in mud. Recipients of this award went out of their way to help manage the problems that arise at a very wet event. It was named for the muddy Storvik belt favor that was found in the mud near one of the pavilions. The order was closed on January 20, 2006 at the last court of Baron Sean and Baroness Elizabeth.

Baronial Award of Excellence

Awarded by the Baron and Baroness for excellent contributions to the Barony.

Baroness' Award of Courtesy

Awarded by the Baroness for those who excel by their courtesy to all and service to Her Excellency. Was formerly known as the Order of the Great Snowy Owl.

Shield of Storvik

An award given to recognize those people who have already been recognized with appropriate baronial awards and have continued to conspicuously serve the Barony.

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Recommend a worthy gentle in the barony to Their Excellencies, the Baron and Baroness of Storvik, so that they may be recognized with one of the above awards. You can check to see what awards have already been bestowed on our Awards page.

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