Barons & Baronesses of Storvik

The current baron and baroness of Storvik can always be reached at baron[at] and baroness[at]

Celric d'Ravelle and Ilaria de Gandia

July 9 AS L (2016) CelricandIlaria

Badouin MacKenzie and Griele vanden Burgh

September 14, AS XLVIII (2013) - July 9 AS L (2016)

William le Younger and Sorcha Crowe

September 18, AS XLIV (2009) – September 14, AS XLVIII (2013) Baroness Sorcha on the left in a red and gold Tudor gown with Baron William on the right in a blue Tudor outfit with gold trim matching the Baroness's Photo by Grazia Morgano

Baron Rorik Fredericsson and Baroness Janina Krakowska z Cambion

January 20, AS XLI (2007) – September 18, AS XLIV (2009) Janina, seated, next to Rorik, standing Photo by Bardulf Rauen

Baron Sean de la Mare and Baroness Elizabeth Harlyn

March 26, AS XXXIX (2005) – January 20, AS XLI (2007) Photo by Gaspar Marti

Meisterin Johanna von Sudeborn

March 6, AS XXXIV (1999) – March 26, AS XXXIX (2005) Mistress Johanna, her veil blowing in the wind Photo by ???

Master Corun MacAnndra and Mistress Brenna of Storvik

March 25, AS XXIX (1995) – March 6, AS XXXIV (1999)

Master Igor Medvéd and Mistress Fevronia Murometsa

September 14, AS XXVI (1991) – March 25, AS XXIX (1995)

Master Kay Delafleur and Mistress Elaine de Sinistre

January 14th, AS XVIII (1984) – September 14, AS XXVI (1991)

Master Kay Delafleur

August 9, AS XV (1980) – January 14th, AS XVIII (1984)

Duchess Ysabeau Cameron

September 15, AS XIV (1979) – August 9, AS XV (1980)