Arts & Sciences

Many arts and sciences are practiced in Storvik. About once a month, a general A&S night is held. Meetups to work on specific crafts are also held as interest is expressed.


Come learn to make your own armor! Armoring sessions are occasionally held by Baron William at his home, usually on Sundays.


On Sundays before barony business meeting in Beltsville, bardic gatherings occur.

Calligraphy & Illumination

Scribal nights occur on the first and third Tuesdays of each month in Fort Washington.


Dance practice takes place every Monday evening at the same location as Fighter Practice from 8pm to 10pm. For more information, contact Three Left Feet.

Early Northern European Interest

Teleri the Well-Prepared has been convening a monthly gathering the second Tuesday of each month to study Early Northern Europe.

Garb Research & Handsewing

If you're looking for an idea of how to make a basic tunic, appropriate whether you're a Viking or a high-middle-ages commoner, check out Meisteren Johanna's pattern maker. Sewing sessions are scheduled as requested.