Welcome to Storvik!

Greetings and welcome to the Barony of Storvik! I am the Baronial Chatelaine (or newcomer’s officer), and it is my job to answer questions, help you find resources, and otherwise help you get acquainted with the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). The SCA is a non-profit educational organization whose members’ research and attempt to recreate various aspects of life during the time period from 600 A.D to 1600 A.D. We try to immerse ourselves in various pursuits that existed pre-seventeenth century. Unlike many re-enactment groups, we do not “re-enact” period occurrences exactly as they happened but rather try to see what life was like. The Barony of Storvik is located throughout Washington, DC; Prince George's County, MD; and some parts of inside-the-beltway Montgomery County, MD. If you are interested in getting involved please contact me. If you just want to dive in, check out the Baronial calendar to see what's going on in the barony. See you there! Lady Sonya Flicker- Chatelaine of Storvik Lady Angeline Falconis - Knight Marshal of Storvik Signora Grazia Morgano - Archery Marshal of Storvik